In honor of 1/31/07…

February 2, 2007


The Mooninite random quote generator:

Ignignokt: Some would say that the Earth is our moon. Err: We’re the moon. Ignignokt: But that would belittle the name of our moon, which is ‘The Moon.’


I guess Ailin Graef is the first success story in the online Second Life environment. She recently sat down for a CNET sponsered interview, during which a group of hackers bombarded her avatar with flying pink phalluses. Fucking genius! How long until we see the same group peddling Snow Crash, hmm? hmm? hmmm…


An in-depth and quite.. ahem.. science-y? article on movie physics. More than you ever wanted to know about the unlikelyhood of flaming cars, flashing bullets, and space explosions on film. Complete with nerdy equations and even reviews on the bottom of the page.

If you use VIM (and yes this is post is dangerously nerdy), this well-designed page is incredibly.. um.. verbose? And useful.

They’ve been asked to remove 30,000 Japanese videos from the site, in the first mass content removal in its history. A damn shame, as some of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen on YouTube are from Japan ( ie this )

Spamhaus Ruling

October 19, 2006

Can an American court take a British non-profit organization offline? Especially considering the Spamhaus project is one of the most widely used and effective anti-spam operations around today.

Dump DRM in order to complete with Apple? Yes please.

Friendster was about to be MySpace at one point in time.. then the other social networking sites simply ran them over. It ain’t pretty.

26 Episodes of Cowboy Bebop

October 14, 2006

Cowboy Bebop

Anime series about a group of bounty hunters in 2071. Lots of of great jazz and noir influence, and also happened to be one of the most successful series to crossover in the US.

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One of my fav authors… here’s a HUGE directory of scanned cover art from various editions from around the world. Well over 650 scans.

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