Fox news “comedy”

February 15, 2007

I guess this is Fox’s attempt at a Daily Show fake news program? I really hope they keep it on the air. Unintentionally funny and torturous at the same time. Does the right wing junta even know how to laugh? Apparently not.. judging by the use of the laugh track.. along with a live studio audience.


In honor of 1/31/07…

February 2, 2007


The Mooninite random quote generator:

Ignignokt: Some would say that the Earth is our moon. Err: We’re the moon. Ignignokt: But that would belittle the name of our moon, which is ‘The Moon.’

One of the many gems on this site (some of which seem to be from intelligent people taking the piss…. well done!).

“Dawkins, you and your atheist friends cannot win. America WILL become a Christian Republic even if we have to write a whole new constitution. Millions of us are dedicated to this righteous cause. We will suceed. And then we will invade godless countries like “Great” Britain and kill all of your heathens. First we need to take care of things at home and in the Middle East but we will get around to Europe. You Godless freaks will die but then you will roast in hell for infinite time. Goodbye you loser”

I guess Ailin Graef is the first success story in the online Second Life environment. She recently sat down for a CNET sponsered interview, during which a group of hackers bombarded her avatar with flying pink phalluses. Fucking genius! How long until we see the same group peddling Snow Crash, hmm? hmm? hmmm…


An in-depth and quite.. ahem.. science-y? article on movie physics. More than you ever wanted to know about the unlikelyhood of flaming cars, flashing bullets, and space explosions on film. Complete with nerdy equations and even reviews on the bottom of the page.

The sometimes deadly ‘iku iku byo’. Uhh.. I’m still trying to figure out if this was gleaned from an old Onion story. If not… whoa.

In a country grousing for new leadership, the elections will be a referendum on an unpopular president and a chance for science-friendly candidates to hang out a shingle on Capitol Hill. The change could prompt government action on a range of issues.
Please please please do what you can to get these extremist wingnuts out of office.

He certainly seemed to know all the lyrics to Burning Inside.

Most (if not all) of the lines are from American film. How the hell did “Hasta la vista, baby” make one of the best one-liners though? Ugh. Maybe it’s just because I live in Cali.

Evildoer Stingrays

October 20, 2006

A stingray jumps into a boat and stings an 81 year-old man.