Worst Tattoos EVER

October 31, 2006

I’m not sure if this is the original article, but some of these tattoo atrocities are so far off the mark.. they’re almost (*almost*) good. Like the movie Gigli. I sat through that thing at a friend’s movie night gathering.. knowing it would be bad, but NOTHING could prepare me for the train wreck that occurred on every single frame of that POS. It was, in fact, so bad… I honestly think it came full circle.. back around to good again, and is in now my top 50 list of “must see” flicks (as long as you don’t pay for it =D )


Also accompanied by his Big Slide Show, and a book signing. Appearing in San Francisco at the Castro theatre Oct 20-22.

What is it? Exactly.

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One of my fav authors… here’s a HUGE directory of scanned cover art from various editions from around the world. Well over 650 scans.

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