More signs of the Beginning of the End for YouTube

October 20, 2006

They’ve been asked to remove 30,000 Japanese videos from the site, in the first mass content removal in its history. A damn shame, as some of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen on YouTube are from Japan ( ie this )


One Response to “More signs of the Beginning of the End for YouTube”

  1. Steve said

    Recently on Youtube I watched episodes of an anime series called Fullmetal Alchemist, and some old Japanese comedy clips from the 80’s (Shimura Ken, anyone?)and I have since ordered for the original DVDs of these programmes from online retailers, because I liked what I saw. If I hadn’t seen the clips on Youtube first, I would have never made these purchases. It was kind of a nice way to sample programmes.

    Having said that, the way things are moving, I think I will soon have no use for youtube. Something tells me 34 million other people will start to feel the same very soon.

    What a way to blow 1.6 billion dollars Google!

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